What Are The Causes Of Dandruff

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff is a common problem for a lot of people. Most people who are affected by this problem tend to have dry, flaky skin in general. It is important to look into the matter closely before diagnosing it. There are various causes of dandruff although doctors find it hard to pinpoint one specific cause in a patient. If you have flaky skin on your scalp then look out for the following signs in your daily life:

  • Generally dry skin

People who have dandruff tend to have generally dry skin. Dandruff is mainly the cause of very frequent skin cell renewal of the scalp. When old skin is discarded and new skin grows in its place, the former comes up on the surface (the scalp in this case). Dandruff occurs when this skin renewal is too frequent in a person.

Dry skin can be another common cause of dandruff among people. You should drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin on your scalp and condition your hair. Oiling your hair frequently is also another option, although keeping oil for a long time on your hair may cause it to fall as well. 

  • Yeast allergy

Those who suffer from yeast allergy may suffer from a case of dandruff formation in the scalp. Therefore, it is best to stay away from food that contains yeast. Exposing the scalp to direct sunlight may also help the condition as UV rays from the sun fight the allergy. 

  • Not enough shampoo

Sometimes not washing the hair often enough may result in accumulation of old skin particles on the scalp that may surface as dandruff in your hair. You need to use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair. Shampoo that contains zinc is good for fighting dandruff as well. 

  • Oily flakes of skin on the scalp

Excessively oily scalp may also give rise to dandruff. This is known as Seborrheic dermatitis and it also affects areas such as the back of the ear, breast bone and sides of the nose. Applying lemon juice on the scalp can help reduce the oiliness. 

  • Not enough combing

A lot of people donít comb their hair enough. This results in dead skin cells accumulating on the scalp and never being combed out. This may lead to dandruff as well.

There are a few common myths about dandruff that most people believe.

  1. It is not contagious

 A lot of people avoid using the comb belonging to someone who has dandruff. This makes little difference since dandruff is not contagious. Of course, most people find the concept of dry skin being introduced to their hair disgusting! But that is another issue altogether. 

  1. It does not always occur because your scalp is dry

 It mainly occurs due to rapid skin regeneration. That has nothing to do with dry skin. 

  1. It is a disease unto itself

Dandruff may be caused due to diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, but it is not a disease in itself. It is a skin condition that can be treated with simple lifestyle changes. 

  1. It is a result of poor hygiene

It is a skin condition that cannot be controlled physically by the person suffering from it. Therefore, not necessarily do all those who suffer from dandruff lead an unhygienic life!



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