What Makes A Good Shampoo?

Having problems in choosing the best shampoo for you? It is a wonder to know that even shampoos nowadays can be tailored to different hair types and hair texture (e.g., straight, wavy, curly, spiral coiled). Basically, understanding your hair type and texture can aide you to decide what kind of shampoo is appropriate to your hair.

Hair types

1.  Dry. This requires a lot of care and nourishment. It is either caused by inactive oil glands in the hair, too much sun exposure, hair treatment, and use of harsh shampoo.

2.   Oily. Often someone with an oily skin would also have an oily hair. Unfortunately, oily hair can remain greasy even after shampooing and also prone to dirt.

3.   Normal or balanced. You have this type if your hair is shining, well balanced, and not drying out. Apparently, proper care of hair and eating a well balanced diet can help keep your hair in this condition.


Picking the right shampoo

1.  Check the ingredients list. Always make sure to check on the shampoo’s ingredients. Ideally, a good shampoo must satisfy 3 basic categories, which are cleansers, stabilizers, and conditioners. Unfortunately, complexity in a shampoo’s ingredients increases the chances of not achieving expected best results (soft and manageable). Complex mixtures tend to disperse dilution affecting therefore effectivity of the product.

2.  Test it. If still having a hard time deciding which shampoo, you can test by using each shampoo at certain periods. This will give you enough time to know which shampoo gives you the best results you wanted to achieve for your hair. Nothing beats learning by experience.

3.  With the all natural ingredients. Make sure to be aware of ingredients that can result to further damage than benefits to your hair. Avoid if possible a shampoo that contains sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS and PEG as both may lead to skin irritations. If you are having some dandruff problem, best to pick a shampoo that has no fragrance. However, if you prefer one that has fragrance, then pick a shampoo added with pure essential oils.

4.  Shampoo formulation. Make sure to select and use a gentle formulated shampoo as this can maintain both the natural beauty and health of your hair.


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