What Makes Tea Tree Shampoo so Good


What makes the tea tree shampoo unquestionably good rest simply with its key composition or ingredientóthe tea tree oil.

Oil of wonders

The tea tree oil (or Melaleuca oil) is an essential oil characterized by a clear to very pale golden color and a fresh camphoraceous odor. The oil is extracted from the tea tree, which is a native from northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia. A Captain James Cook, an explorer in 1977 gave its scientific name, Melaleuca alternifolia. He and his comrades made a tea out of the leaves unaware that there`s actually more to these leaves than tea extracts.

Its medical and cosmetic properties (e.g., antiseptic and anti-fungal) made it popular for centuries to be used and/or mixed into various treatments for scalp and other common skin problems (e.g., fungus and bacterial skin infections). Itís been also helpful in removing head lice, which is common among children. Lastly, its antiseptic property has made it used as mouthwash and for cleansing tooth cavities prior to filling.

Tea Tree Shampoo

Below are a couple of common head/scalp issues wherein use of tea tree shampoo has been found effective.

Treating your scalp. Whether you use a shampoo with tea tree oil or use some drops of the oil with any shampoo for that matter, you still achieve best results. This is how effective tea tree oil regardless of how you use it.

Specifically, the tea tree shampoo helps in eliminating dry and itchy scalps. Regular use of the shampoo does not leave your hair dry and dull, a favorable result that makes the shampoo unique from other concentrated dandruff shampoos available in the market.


         For dandruff problem, leave the shampoo on your hear for 5 minutes then rinse.

         For an itchy scalp, use 5 drops of tea tree oil to massage your scalp. Do this after washing your hair with tea tree shampoo.

What about those head lice? Head lice problem commonly occurs among kids. These are grayish white tiny external parasites impetuously biting and puncturing the scalp causing constant itching and pain. This problem is contagious as head lice can spread by hair comb/brush, bed sheets, caps, etc. Following are couple of procedures that you can do to eliminate head lice.


         While washing your hair with tea tree shampoo, massage it thoroughly into your scalp. It is recommended to do this until you are certain that eggs are completely removed.

         While shampooing, massage thoroughly and leave it on for some few minutes then rinse.


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